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How the website was made

This article will be improved on gradually.


So when you think about making a website, you might think of web-building sites. Or for the more technical, code HTML 5, CSS and maybe some JavaScript. I could have done it with code but for a fast and professional look without needing to code and review constantly, I simply used WordPress.

Why WordPress. Isn’t that for blogging? Well, actually it may be famously known for that but did you know that it is a web content management system (CMS) that is used to run over 28% of the entire internet. Or that it powers over 14% of top 100 websites in the world. If that is not a reason to try it out for yourself, I don’t know what is.

How did I start? Well, I am actually quite good at HTML 5 code and average for CSS. JavaScript less successful but it takes time to make and maintain and adjust. As soon as I heard about WordPress and saw some websites that use this platform I thought, honestly why go through the fuss. So I did some research and ended jumped straight in.


Pick a domain.

Well, this is fairly straightforward but you would be surprised. Start thinking about this now and don’t leave it till last as you might be in for a shock. Picking a domain name is straightforward. You might think of having www.myepicsite.com but you would have to check if that is available. So in order to do that, go to any domain provider to search up available and cost. For this example, we will go to godaddy.com and use their domain name search and OMG.

What in the world! The price! As a wise Japanese man would say with his wallet on budget… NANI!

Ok. Don’t panic. There is a reason to that price. Due to the potential branding that can be done with such a domain name they have priced it up accordingly. This is to prevent ordinary budgeting people from buying out a domain name that a business in the future would want to acquire. Also, it is an excuse for the domain name providers to make money. So at the end of the day take your time and think of a Domain Name. It will become a permanent mark for you once you buy it as you won’t be able to change the name. Non-premium domains will be much cheaper.

Simple steps to follow:

  • Take your time deciding but have it on the back of your mind now.
  • Keep it short and simple
  • Stick to a recognizable domain extension.

While it could be tempting to go for others and you are more than welcome to. I would advise on going for .com as it would be the first thing people would generally remember to try out when trying to go directly to a website. For my site, I purchased my domain name from NameCheap.


Pick a host.

You will need a web host which is a service provider that hold and will allow your site to be displayed on the internet. This is also something you have to consider carefully as once you have chosen you will most likely stick with them for as long as you agreed/paid for. The two main things, in my opinion, would be:

  • What will they provide for your money?
  • How does their support work?

The best way to go about this is to use your best friend. Google. Search for reviews on web hosting services and check and compare the features they provide. I discovered that the best for beginners when using WordPress as a platform is SiteGround.

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