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Masking in Premiere Pro

It brings me such joy to discover that I can mask in premiere pro. This level of masking is basic for editing and cropping video without needing to create a dynamic link composition with After Effects. It is also pretty intuitive. Select the clip you want to mask and begin masking. Well, I will break it down below.

  • First things first, have the footage that you want to mask in the timeline and select it. Then go to effects control.
  • Under Opacity there is a pen icon. Click on it and the mouse will change.

At this point you can start to mask what you want to mask however if you are masking for something that needs to fit in the background and it is oversized, then here is a simple trick. Lower the opacity.

Well, that seems simple, but when added effects to the layer that has been masked then problems may occur. The first big issue was added the horizontal effect. The layer will change, but the mask would not. The solution, make sure you apply effects that drastically change the video layout before masking.

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